What to Expect During Your Passport Photo Session

Thanks for checking out Passport Photos Denver! Let us walk you through what you can expect from your custom passport photo session.

1. Arrive & Be Welcomed:

First, you’ll find parking at our studio address 2305 South Syracuse Way, Suites 1 & 3, Denver Colorado 80231. You can park in the front or back of the building, we recommend the front as it’s where the official entrance is to the studio. After walking in the doors which will be underneath the signage ‘Rocky Mountain Studio’ and ‘Rocky Mountain Photography’, we’ll welcome you to our office and offer you something to drink and walk you back into either one of our professional photography studio spaces.

2. Conduct the Session

Once in the photo studio, we’ll have you sit down on a stool, coach you on proper posture, and make sure your attire is perfect for standard passport requirements. Using professional photography lighting and diffusers, we’ll conduct the session and take 10-20+ different potential passport digital images (per individual if there are multiple sessions needed) until we’re sure there is an excellent one that has been captured.

3. Review the Media & Decide

After the session has been completed, we’ll sit down in either our proofing room or front room at a computer and review the session together. We’ll have you tell us which images are ‘maybes’ from the session and narrow it down from there until we have the perfect passport photo for you.

4. Create Deliver Prints/Digital Files, & Close the Invoice

Once we’ve selected your favorite passport digital image, we will then immediately bring the image into photoshop where we will resize the image for the visa/specific country requirements that you’re requesting. The standard size for a U.S. passport is 2”x2”, but many countries are different. Many of our clients have gone to Walgreens and other providers and had their images rejected multiple times before coming to us. We pride ourselves on being so precise that we’re the last stop needed.

After cropping the image, we will then either print and cut the prints to exact specifications and deliver them to you in an envelope or immediately e-mail over the digital file to your e-mail if prints aren’t needed.

Once we’ve provided you with everything needed, we’ll have you close out the invoice for whatever package you chose and guarantee that it meets your specific requirements.

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